There Stand the Trees

There stand the trees, lonely sentinels of the hill,
Barren before the onslaught of winter.
Autumn has come, and the leaves have fallen,
Though some linger, ruddy with the last heat of summer.

There stand the trees, proud sentinels of the hill,
Keeping watch while all else flees.
The geese have flown south, bidding their mournful farewell,
Only the crows remain, giving forth their eternal challenge.

There stand the trees, tall sentinels of the hill,
Stretching their branches skyward.
They look upward to the heavens, whence falls the snow
Which crusts their lofty members, rendering them pale.

There stand the trees, ancient sentinels of the hill,
Groaning under their heavy burden.
Long times pass, yet the trees stand firm,
Bastions of strength and immovability in a fleeting world.